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You've missed the registration window for Voice Over Marketing Playbook. But all is not lost! While you wait for Playbook to come around again, grab this new free marketing guide with a dozen simple marketing tips and you'll also be the first to get notified when Playbook launches again.

At least one of the tips in this guide is going to resonate with you, and give you some ideas for ways to market while you patient wait. :)

Playbook is back Oct. 1-8, 2024

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When you sign up for the Voice Over Marketing Playbook Waitlist, not only will you be the first to get notified when Playbook is available again, but you'll also receive an invitation to take advantage of an exclusive pre-sale offer that isn't publicly promoted!

This pre-sale offer will include hundreds of dollars in bonuses!

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Is This You?

Are you frustrated with where your voice over business is at? Do you have professional training, demos, and a home studio and still can't seem to find enough clients to build a sustainable income? Are you stuck in an endless loop of online casting auditions hoping for bookings?

When you learn how to market, you develop a skill that can truly unlock your earning potential.

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By the time you're done with Playbook You'll Have...


A Clear Plan

By the time you finish Playbook you'll have a clear, easy to follow, step-by-step plan for marketing your voice over business.



You'll be able to approach marketing with a new found confidence. Excited to connect with new leads and show them what you can do for them.


Strategies & Tactics

Playbook doesn't deliver fluff and rah rah. Playbook delivers strategies you can start to take action with and on immediately.


Email Marketing

Learn how to email new leads, and follow up with prospects and clients with confidence. Write more effective messages.


Social Media

No more fear of social media! You'll be able to embrace different platforms to reach massive audiences and build relationships.


More Leads

More leads = more opportunities. You'll have a clear plan for finding new leads and reaching out to them. This is how you grow your business!

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Happy Playbookers

Heather Foster

I felt all over the place- should I do this? Or should I be doing that? Not getting anything accomplished. The Voice Over Marketing Playbook broke things down into actionable bites, so I didn't feel overwhelmed.

Brandon Miller

I didn't feel confident in my marketing efforts. I didn't know what to say after my intro email. I couldn't articulate what my value was to my potential buyer and how to help them. What Playbook helped me with was to build my confidence in learning more about me and the value I have to my potential buyer. 

Jennifer Clark

Before I went through Playbook, marketing my business was scary. I had no idea where to even start. Marc’s Playbook not only gave me confidence, but a step-by-step process to develop marketing strategies. 

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  • Self directed video course.
  • Over eight hours of content.
  • Group Q & A sessions
  • Actionable, practical marketing advice, tips and strategies.
  • Help crafting better marketing emails.
  • Content strategies for using various social media platforms.
  • Guidance on finding your unique strengths as a voice actor and building out niches.
  • Private coaching options (Plus and Complete)
  • Ongoing support for years to come through private Playbook Community

You Can Build the Voice Over Business You Dream About

I've been where you are. Frustrated with a lack of opportunities and a lack of income. Maybe even afraid that this voice over thing is just never going to work out.

What you'll learn in Playbook is EXACTLY what I did to grow my voice over business from nothing to a six-figure income in four years.

I became a student of marketing and in Playbook, I condense a decade of learning into an eight hour course that gives you all the information you need, leaves out everything you don't.

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