$97.00 USD

Marketing Outside the Box

Want to market your voice over business in ways other than finding cold leads and sending cold emails?

This 60 minute training is going to inspire you to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to marketing your voice over business.:

  • 12 different strategies will be presented.
  • Many low-cost / no - cost ways to market.
  • Ideas beyond just sending emails.

Not every voice actor wants to send emails all day long. I get it! With this session, I'm going to get your creative juices flowing by presenting a number of different ways you can market your services that don't require finding cold leads and sending cold emails!

What People Are Saying:

Just wanted to thank you for another great class with some brilliant ideas that I’d not previously considered. Looking forward to implementing some in my own business. Thanks Marc!

Anna Lawrence

Thanks for the excellent ideas, Marc! Once my leads are identified, I find email marketing to be enjoyable, but it's not the end-all-be-all. This webinar provides many other ideas and strategies that can be quite effective and rewarding to execute. I also appreciate the intriguing suggestions that could lead to fruitful passive marketing.

Daron Selvig

Lots of good ideas that I had not previously considered. Well worth the modest price of admission!


Thanks for the great ideas in the "Marketing Outside of the Box" workshop! You did more than just present ideas or make suggestions - you motivated and challenged us to anything and everything (legal) to get our name out there and make new connections!

Ed Holland