$147.00 USD

Introductory Email Workshop


Live via Zoom June 6, 2023 at 7pm ET

Do you struggle to write in an introductory marketing email? Are you writing and sending emails but not getting responses? After this workshop you're going to have a template you can use over and over again that will produce results.

What's in this workshop:

  • The fundamentals of the intro email.
  • The formula for a great intro email.
  • Subject lines to use.
  • Personal help creating your own email template.

This workshop is limited to 10 participants.

We'll start the workshop by covering the basics of the introductory email and we'll talk about subject lines.

In the second part of the session I'll review your current email template and offer constructive feedback on it where necessary.

We'll end the session with me giving you an actual voice over lead, you getting to write an email to that lead and getting feedback from me on it before you hit send.

The session will be held live via Zoom Tuesday June 6, 2023 from 7pm - 9pm ET.

* There will be no recording of this session. You must attend live. *

What People Are Saying:

Marc's Email Workshop was great! Getting personalized feedback from an expert and tweaking emails in real time was really valuable. I left the workshop with a great updated version of my initial reach out email as well as tons of new ideas for how to adapt and personalize them for each prospect. Can't wait to start sending!

Stefanie Roberts

I really liked Marc's approach to teaching email marketing. First, he has a natural knack for teaching to people, but he also has a clever exercise at the end that ensures that everything he's taught gets solidified instead of just being taught theory. I think that alone makes Marc's class different (and better) from everyone else's I have taken.

Nicole DiCamillo

Sometimes one misplaced word can be the difference between developing a long-term client and an unanswered email. Marc's email workshop was a real eye-opener for my VO business.

Jason Michael

Taking Marc's marketing email workshop has given me the tools and confidence I need to market my voiceover business. This workshop wasn't just regurgitating marketing cliches, we practiced real methods to not only market but build meaningful connections with potential clientele. I would definitely recommend working with Marc and hope to do so myself in the future!

Kenny Micek

Marc’s Introductory Email Workshop was exactly what I needed to help move my VO business forward. I’m thrilled to have a solid template to take the mystery out of cold email marketing, and the interactive components of the workshop boosted my confidence in marketing my VO business more effectively!

Haeley Porter

Marc Scott is one of the few people I trust for marketing advice. He's made more marketing mistakes than most and he's learned from these mistakes to create tested, proven methods that any voice actor can use to build their business!

Tony Jackson

Marc’s Introductory Email Workshop is a game changer. From watching in real time him edit the unnecessary fluff out of an email, to helping us work out our own template and providing an actual lead to hit the ground running, I’m EXCITED now about sending emails. No more fear. I feel I can finally “#justdothething”.

Jennifer Antkowiak

Marc took all the head-banging overthought I was putting into new leads and boiled it down to the essentials. Now, instead of spending 15-30 min. trying to find the ultimate information on a client to use in my opening paragraph, I now do it in less than 5 min. while constantly shaving-off any & all driftwood of verbiage that was weighing down my Intro emails.

Mark Atherlay