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blog Sep 05, 2023
Take Your Marketing Offline - VOpreneur

Do You Need to Disconnect?

Social media isn't for everyone. 

I get it, and it's ok. There are days I think if I didn't use it so much for work, I might not have a single social media profile.

So what if you don't want to use social media? Or, what if you just need an occasional break from social media? Then what? Are there still ways you can market yourself while staying offline?

You bet!

Offline Marketing Strategies

In Person Networking: After a couple years of living life on Zoom, it's nice to just meet people face to face sometimes, isn't it? 

Look for local networking opportunities offered by the Chamber of Commerce or a Small Business Association. Keep an eye out for conferences for production, eLearning or audiobooks, to name a few. 

Cold Calling: One thing I've learned over the years talking to countless voice actors who do cold calling, is the conversion rates are hard to argue with. In fact, I consistently hear voice actors telling me they get upwards of 30% conversion rate on cold calls.

Maybe it's time to pick up the phone? And if you're not comfortable with cold calling new leads, what if you tried using calls as part of your follow up strategy with prospects and clients?

Postcards: They still work because, honestly, who doesn't love getting mail that isn't junk or a bill?

I wouldn't necessarily do a mass postcard campaign to new leads, but I've definitely used postcards with success for keeping up with prospects and clients.

Postcards offer a great way to get out of the inbox, and that can mean less competition for eyes and attention.

Get Interviewed: My guess is you've got a skillset beyond voice over. Maybe it's a particular education, or it could even be a hobby, interest or passion.

Could you find a podcast or streamer who hosts a show on that topic and offer yourself as a guest? 

Even though the interview itself may not be about voice over, I'm sure you could find a way to work it into the conversation. You never know who's listening. Could be some new leads!

Referrals: If you've been doing voice over for a while, I'm sure you've built up a database of happy clients.

Have you ever asked them for referrals? 

Just like voice actors will often network within their industry, it's often the same for authors, producers, instructional designers and advertising people.

Odds are the people you've worked with and done great work for have some people they could connect you with. You just need to ask.

Opportunity is Everywhere

Sometimes we get stuck in boxes. The casting site / P2P box. The agent box. The email box. We get comfortable with one way of doing things, and we might miss out on another way that could be just as effective.

Having several different strategies for marketing also gives you the chance to keep things fresh, so you're not always confined to just doing the same boring thing or having the same old routine day in and day out.

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