What Producers Think of Marketing and Other Tips for Voice Actors with Jeff Savage

podcast Jun 06, 2024
What Producers Think of Marketing and Other Tips for Voice Actors with Jeff Savage - Everyday VOpreneur Podcast with Marc Scott

A Producers Perspective on Your Voice Over Marketing

Few things cause voice actors more stress and anxiety than their marketing. What if I send the wrong message? What if I reach out to the wrong person? What if I annoy them?

Get out your iPad and Apple Pencil, friend. In this interview we're going to pull back the curtain on voice over marketing by speaking to a talent who works both sides. He's a successful voice actor who also happens to be Talent Director for a reputable Dallas based production company.

He's received your marketing. Read your emails. He's got some things to say.

This is your chance to get the producers perspective on voice over marketing.


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  • Making personal connections and doing research before reaching out to voice buyers can make a marketing email stand out and demonstrate professionalism.
  • Celebrating wins and rewarding oneself is important in the voice over industry to stay motivated and inspired.
  • Attention to detail, both in marketing emails and in following instructions, is crucial for voice actors to gain the trust of voice buyers.
  • Pay attention to details in auditions and don't rush through them.
  • Stay in touch with talent directors and keep them engaged with updates and highlights.
  • Be professional and easy to work with in your relationship with production companies.
  • Resilience is key in the entertainment industry, as it involves overcoming obstacles and maintaining a positive mindset.


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