Voice Over Trends and AI Developments with Anne Ganguzza

podcast Apr 04, 2024
Voice Over Trends and AI Developments with Anne Ganguzza - Everyday VOpreneur Podcast with Marc Scott


In this conversation, Marc Scott interviews Anne Ganguzza, an award-winning demo producer and voiceover coach.

They talk about the trend of authentic and conversational voice over reads, using the example of the popular Poppi Superbowl commercial. Anne emphasizes the importance of channeling authenticity and creating a story in voice over performances. They also touch on the need to avoid sounding robotic or formulaic in voiceover work.

The conversation explores the evolution of eLearning voice over and the importance of creating engaging and human-like voices in eLearning courses.

The potential of AI technology in voiceover is discussed, with an emphasis on adapting to and embracing AI for business success. The concept of passive income through AI voices is explored, along with the nuances and challenges of corporate narration. The skepticism towards AI voices and the importance of trust in voiceover are highlighted. The conversation also touches on the role of regulation in AI and the value of engaging voices in corporate narration. The potential for hosting AI voices and the impact of AI on legislation are considered.

Anne Ganguzza and Marc Scott discuss various topics related to podcasting. Anne shares her experience with different podcasting tools and recommends using AI tools like Copy AI and Podium for podcast transcription and summaries.

Anne provides valuable tips for successful demo sessions, emphasizing the importance of relaxation, authenticity, and preparation. 


Anne Ganguzza Website - https://anneganguzza.com
VOPeeps - https://vopeeps.com
VO Boss Podcast - https://voboss.com
Anne Ganguzza on X - https://twitter.com/aganguzza
Anne Ganguzza on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/aganguzza
Anne Ganguzza on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/anneganguzza

Marc Scott on Instagram - @marcscott


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Key Takeaways

  • Taking care of one's health is important for overall well-being and can positively impact voice over performance.
  • Authentic and conversational voice over reads are trending in the industry.
  • Voice actors should focus on channeling authenticity and creating a story in their performances.
  • Avoid sounding robotic or formulaic in voiceover work to stand out and connect with the audience. E-learning has evolved to become more engaging and conversational, with a focus on creating human-like voices to keep learners interested and motivated.
  • Voice actors can embrace AI technology by adapting it for their business, offering both their acting voice and a protected synthetic voice to clients.
  • Engaging and human-like voices are crucial in corporate narration, as they help maintain the audience's attention and effectively deliver the intended message.
  • While AI voices have made significant advancements, there is still skepticism and a lack of trust in their authenticity and quality.

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