Ways to Vet Voice Over Leads - Summer Series 2023

podcast Aug 17, 2023
Ways to Vet Voice Over Leads with Woody Scott - Everyday VOpreneur Podcasts with Marc Scott

Finding Quality Voice Over Leads

Are there easy ways to determine whether or not a potential voice over lead is worth reaching out to, of it's a lead that's better to just pass on? That's what Woody Scott wants to know.

What signs and clues can we look for to help ensure our marketing efforts are as effective and efficient as possible? I offer up five different criteria to consider when trying to determine whether or not it's worth it to contact a particular lead.

* For Summer Series 2023, I'm inviting voice actors onto the show to ask one voice over business or marketing question and get it answered live on the podcast. Those episodes will release in June, July and August of 2023. *

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