Connecting with the Right Person at a Company - Summer Series 2023

podcast Jun 29, 2023
Connecting with the Right Person at a Company with Francis Cox - Everyday VOpreneur Podcast with Marc Scott

I'll Forward Your Info to My Colleague...

Has this happened to you... you're sending voice over marketing emails and you reach out to a company. You get a response and that response says, "I'll forward your info to my colleague who is responsible for hiring voice actors?"

Great. Now what are you supposed to do? Is there even anything you can do? Or do you just sit back, wait, and hope for the best? That's the question Francis Cox wanted answered, and I dig into it in this episode.

* For Summer Series 2023, I'm inviting voice actors onto the show to ask one voice over business or marketing question and get it answered live on the podcast. Those episodes will release in June, July and August of 2023. *

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