The Tools I Use in My Voice Over Studio

podcast Feb 23, 2023
The Tools I Use in My Voice Over Studio - Everyday VOpreneur Podcast with Marc Scott

A Peak Inside My Voice Over Booth and Studio

What's in my voice over booth? Are you curious about the tools I'm using to record voice over work on a daily basis? In this episode I'm doing something I've never really done before, and giving you a sneak peak inside my voice over studio (or, at least as much of a peak as you can get in an audio format!)

Equipment Mentioned in this Episode

PrimAcoustic Nimbus Panels -
PrimAcoustic London 8 Kit -
Neumann U87 -
Sennheiser MKH416 -
Focusrite RedNet X2P -
Audio Technica ATH-MX50 -
Nanoleaf Starter Kit -
KRK Rokit 6 -
Adobe Audition CC -
iZotope RX10 -
Backblaze Cloud Backup -
Seagate 8TB Backup Plus -
Apple iMac -

Marc Scott on Instagram - @marcscott


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* Thanks to "Uncle Roy" for production assistance!

* Thanks to Christy Harst for VO contributions!

* Thanks to Krysta Wallrauch for VO contributions!


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