Answering Questions About Fi-Core with Lisa Ristau

podcast Dec 01, 2022
Answering Questions About Fi-Core with Lisa Ristau - everyday vopreneur podcast with marc scott

Should a Voice Actor be Union or Fi-Core?

To join the union or not to join the union? For some voice actors, that is the question. But maybe it doesn't have to be. Because, maybe you could go Fi-Core (Financial Core) and have the best of both worlds. The ability to record union voice over work, but not have to give up any of the bread and butter non-union work that keeps many of us in the booth day-to-day.

Lisa Ristau is a very successful agent and the owner of Impressive Talent. She agreed to share some of her insights, wisdom and perspective as an agent on the subject of Fi-Core. If you've got questions or concerns, hopefully they'll be addressed in this interview.

Impressive Talent -

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