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How to Use Nimble

A step-by-step walkthrough of how I set up Nimble and use it in my daily workflow.

Need help trying to figure out how to set up Nimble and use it for managing your voice over database? In this course, you’ll get a complete tutorial on how I set up and use Nimble daily in my workflow.

Learn about:

  • Tagging
  • Data Fields
  • Deals
  • Important Contacts
  • Group Messaging
  • Stay in Touch Cycle
  • Tasks

What People Are Saying:

Marc’s video training for starting up Nimble was a HUGE help. I enjoy self-paced training, and this worked perfectly. Open Marc on screen one and my Nimble on screen 2 and just connect the dots.

Troy Holden

Marc, I can't say enough good things about this course. I was blindly stumbling through Nimble using only the minimum in capability until I used your guide. Simple and effective, it's made my life easier.

Ryan Benes

If you're thinking of using Nimble for your voiceover business, please purchase this course! It's short and sweet. Marc will have you up and running in no time! This course saved me hours and hours of headaches. Feel confident and ready to streamline your marketing and outreach today!

Jessica Lewis

Your nimble course has been a game changer for me. When I first signed up and looked at the platform I was a bit overwhelmed, despite having used CRM systems in the past. The course helped me to set out my workflow so that it made sense to me and gave me plenty of tips for how to get the best out of the software. Everything in the course was clear and easily actionable. I can now see why it’s a must for people running a business.

Helen Phillips

I first checked out Nimble under Marc's recommendation because I can't stand trying to manually keep track of everyone I've emailed and what I've emailed them. At first, Nimble was very daunting, but after (again under Marc's recommendation) I purchased his Nimble breakdown course, everything started to fall into place. Since then I've begun sending out marketing emails using Nimble, to success might I add, and finding myself better able to keep track of everything. The course truly is excellent in tailoring Nimble to someone who is the entirety of their business.

Nicole DiCamillo

Overwhelmed. That’s how I felt when I signed up with Nimble. Empowered. That’s how I felt after using the guidance in Marc’s Nimble course. Well laid out, actionable steps, and voice over specific. Thanks, Marc for training me on setting up Nimble for my voice over business through this fantastic course!

Haeley Porter

When I finally made the essential leap to getting a CRM – I followed Marc’s advice and downloaded the Free Nimble Trial, put in a few clients the first week and then it sat there… and sat there… and expired… because I would open it and get overwhelmed by all the features. Then I saw that Marc had a Nimble training and couldn’t purchase it fast enough. I knew I just needed someone to break it down for what I as a professional VA needed. Done. Now I understand it and it’s transformed how I work. Thank you Marc!!

Keaton Talmadge

I cannot over emphasize how thorough and easy to follow Marc’s classes are! The Nimble class is a must for every new or advanced VO out there that doesn’t like or use a CRM. Nimble is easy to customize specifically for our type of Profession. Marc eliminates the clutter and gets down to the important nuts and bolts of what we as VO’s will actually need and use. This is my second class with Marc and He walks you through understanding and maximizing the program for you. It really is a must do class. So very worth it!!

Josee Clift