$147.00 USD

Making Money with LinkedIn: Master Class

LinkedIn has become my go-to social network and it’s been responsible for some of my most lucrative voice over clients. Let me teach you how to use this incredible free resource to grow your own business!

In this two hour Master Class you’ll learn how to…

  • Learn how to maximize and fully complete your LinkedIn profile.
  • Grow your network with qualified connections.
  • Build relationships with the people who are most likely going to hire you.
  • Learn how to use one of the most powerful search engines on the web.
  • Find countless quality leads FREE!
  • Learn how to improve your SSI score.
  • Use the jobs feature to find audition opportunities.
  • Take advantage of LinkedIn advertising.

Everything taught in this course is done with the premise of using a FREE LinkedIn profile.

* Fully updated for 2024, including info on many new features and changes that have happened with the LinkedIn platform. *

What People Are Saying:

Marc delivers an incredible amount of information in his LinkedIn Master Class. I've already started to put into practice what Marc brought to my attention. Meticulously reviewing my LinkedIn profile against the insights Marc provided, refining my profile and keeping my clients in mind. Searching for prospects and leads with the search tips he provided. Making an effort to be more consistent with asking for connections, logging on, and actively networking. I have already increased my SSI ranking by 1 point!

Eddie Suess-Hassman

This training was transformative for me, and timely. I am just getting ready to launch my new and updated LinkedIn profile, and I'm going to follow everything you taught. So good. So clear. Nice job!!

Steve Larsen

Marc's level of detail and overall knowledge of Linked in was really impressive. Linked In has gone from a source of annoying notifications to a platform I feel inspired in fully utilizing to grow my VO business.

Tanga Wanda

This course is amazing. Within the first 2 minutes I had already begun scribbling down Marc’s tips and tricks and I didn’t really stop until the end of the course. Absolutely packed with valuable information and insights into LinkedIn and how to get the most from this vast online service. Applicable to any user but so brilliantly focussed on our needs as voice over artists. Thank Marc you, it was money very well spent!

Tom Fellows

This course is like a diamond in the rough for navigating LinkedIn. It has changed the way I view and utilize the platform. Thanks for this golden nugget of wisdom, Marc! I’ll send a case of Dr. Pepper your way as gratitude. 🙂

Kayla Jackson

This is a fantastic course!!! Marc covers everything you need to know about LinkedIn from putting together the All Star profile to connecting with leads and running ads. By the end of the course I was trying so hard to think of questions to ask, but he had covered it all! Would absolutely recommend!

Miranda Ellis

I had no idea how to use LinkedIn before taking this class. It was quite worthwhile. Marc was very well prepared. The presentation was packed with actionable information. Did you know you can actually post an AD for your services on LInkedIN? With a free account? Yes, you can. Marc can show you how.

Roxanne Coyne