$147.00 USD

Booking in Your Backyard: Master Class

With Booking in Your Backyard, you’ll learn how to find and create voice over opportunities right in your own community, a potentially large and untapped market!

We all instinctively look at casting site memberships, signing up with as many agents as will take us, and we turn to Google and Social Media to find leads. But how often have you considered the potential work opportunities that exist right in your own community?

In this 90 minute Master Class (plus 30 minute Q & A), you’re going to walk away with pages of ideas of who to contact for work, and what to say to them when you do.

What People Are Saying:

I took “Booking in Your Backyard” as a “preparation to launch” course. The demo is on its way! I have been saving up the business sections of local newspapers and online papers. The class made me more aware of what lays before my fingertips. There are many Chamber of Commerces and I found that the county Chambers are free and may duplicate the paid Chamber memberships; my neighbors are resources in connections as well as bank executives and other professional relationships. LinkedIn has a plethora of ways to connect, but also offers ideas for that “personal connection.” Neighborhood websites – if one has them, offers many possible connections. Opportunities are there and I will be ready. Thanks, Marc!

Woody Scott

As with all of Marc’s courses, Booking In Your Backyard is top-notch, to the point, and jam-packed with information that will literally transform how you book VO work. Marc basically hands you a treasure map and a shovel so you can have a viable VO business not only in your own backyard, but you can use what you learn to then radiate out to conquer the globe. If you follow his instructions you can’t help but be a successful VOpreneur. Well worth the investment.

Lisa Sowden