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Voice Over Marketing Playbook BASIC

Full video course only.

AVAILABLE JULY 9 - 12, 2024

You want to find voice over work without relying on casting sites, but don’t know how. You’re confused, overwhelmed. Frustrated. The Voice Over Marketing Playbook is a clear plan to help you find your own leads, build your own client base and become the consistently working voice actor you want to be!

Are you tired of dropping money on casting sites and not seeing the returns you think you should be? Do you know you’re capable of booking more voice over work? Good enough to book more voice over work? You’re just not sure where to find it out how to do it?

The Voice Over Marketing Playbook is an easy to follow, step-by-step guide designed for the specific purpose of helping you grow your voice over business without spending all day long wasting time on casting sites. Instead, you’ll learn how to find your own clients and build your own business where work comes walking through the door!

The Playbook took me from no income to a six figure voice over income in four years. Let me show you how you can do the same.

* 8+ Hours of Content
* Instant Access
* Watch and learn at your own pace.
* Lifetime Access with Enrollment
* Learn Marketing, Social Media, and Lead Gen strategies I use daily!

* The commitment required to make this work.
* Why you need a diversified voice over portfolio.
* Marketing by the numbers.
* Understanding Relationship Marketing.
* Discovering your Unique Value Proposition.
* The difference between Features & Benefits.
* Identifying your Ideal Customer Avatar.
* Discovering your Voice Over Sweet Spot.
* Where to look for leads and how to find them.
* Using a freelancer to help you find leads.
* Taking advantage of Pay Per Click Advertising.
* The psychology behind marketing and getting your head in the game.
* Using Agents and Online Casting.
* Strategies for social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and Pinterest.
* The Introductory Email.
* Writing subject lines.
* Best practices for email marketing.
* How effectively use mass mailers.
* Ideas for marketing email campaigns.
* Setting up Drip campaigns.

* Exclusive access to a Private Facebook Group

* Exclusive access to 4 x 30 minute live Q & A Sessions

What People Are Saying:

Marc's Playbook has been SO helpful in taking my Artist brain and nudging it towards the business side of things. It's really a mental shift that I needed to make and has made all the difference. The videos are easy to follow with tons of information and I love that I can access them again if I forgot a certain tip. If you want to take your VO biz to the next level - I highly recommend this course!!!

Keaton Talmadge

I'm really glad I took the leap and invested in Playbook. I came in with no idea how to market myself, and feeling uncomfortable with the very concept. I feel now that the skills and mindsets I'm learning in Playbook are as indispensable to my business development, as good coaching is to performance development. I highly recommend Marc's course!

Paul Vinger

Marc's Marketing Playbook is full of helpful tips and suggestions for voice actors looking to increase their opportunities with direct marketing, while learning about their own brand and how to find synergies with potential clients.

Matt Fogarty