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101 Ways to Find VO Leads

Never wonder where to look for voice over leads ever again, by the time you're done with this Master Class.

You want to grow your voice over business. You know you need to market. The problem is, you don’t know who to market to or where to find the leads.

Let’s solve that problem!

In this Master Class I’m going to share 101 ways to find leads (actually… it ended up being 122 ways). Bring your pen and paper, because you are going to be entirely inspired from this session.

From online to in-person, from social media to strategic Google searches and all points in between and beyond, including plenty of ideas I know you’ve never even thought of… I know you’re going to have a ton of new ideas to inspire your creativity when it comes to finding new voice over leads.

What People Are Saying:

I came away from your class with a tremendous feeling of relief. You really opened my eyes to how the process works. The 122 ideas will provide me with more leads than I will be able to contact for the rest of my life. This class was a huge help. I recommend it to anyone who is new to this industry and is looking for insight to help them get started marketing directly to clients.

Thomas Robinson

This class is the very definition of practical, actionable advice and showed up in my life at precisely the right time❣ Having put in the time to work on the performance aspect of VO, create some solid demos with some of the industry best, nail down my branding and gain a solid understanding of the business, I am now ready to confidently put myself out there in the world and taking Marc’s class last night gave me clarity around where to get started. Take his email class, and he’ll give you the “how” to go along with it. Thanks, Marc. This was a true gift and I say gift because the return on investment on this class for those who take action will be exponential💝

Claire Dinsdale